Kinetic art captures the energy of motion. Traditional jewellers have been creating static pieces for thousands of years. By adding movement to our pieces, we are changing the form of jewellery, allowing it to live and breathe like never before. At Sybarite, our pieces can take up to a year to produce. Often, a significant part of this time is spent introducing a kinetic element into the piece, to create something truly exceptional.

Think of the music boxes from your childhood, the ones that opened and featured a dancer twirling to the music. That movement is captivating. That’s what we strive to bring to every piece of Sybarite Kinetic Jewellery. A sense of living, breathing magic.

Our breakthrough technology showcases each individual piece of jewellery and reveals the sparkle of the precious stones in a new light, giving the observer a chance to look and admire the beauty of a gem from a new visual standpoint.

Sybarite Kinetic Jewellery creates a beautiful, dazzling moment of theatre, with every movement of your hand.