Briar Rose

The Briar Rose is eternally celebrated for its spellbinding role in the story of Sleeping Beauty. It also bears a truly spellbinding fruit - the rosehip swells gently through the year and remains long after the flower has bloomed and died.

Stephanie Saliba wearing Sybarite Briar Rose rings and Fairies earrings.

Margarita Prykhodko wearing Sybarite Jewellery Briar Rose ring and earrings.

These exceptional rings perfectly capture the architectural splendour of the rose’s determined fruit. Poised on stems of black gold, the rosehips and blossoms nestle against sparkling leaves.

Fashioned to draw the eye and cast their own spell, the roses and leaves are depicted in glittering rubies and black diamonds. These fairy-tale pieces display a rare organic beauty and exquisite craftsmanship.