Orchid Ring

Orchids are sophisticated and exotic, commanding your attention with beguiling charm. By a feat of craftsmanship, the delicate, zygomorphic petals have been reimagined in rose gold and set with exquisite diamonds, rubies & sapphires. Look again, and the petals transform into the skirt of a dancer, her arms arched gracefully above her head.

Orchid Ring
Orchid Ring
Orchid Ring

Move your hand and see the dancer captivate her audience, moving to the music that inspires her. She spins, twirls and then rests. The petals settle again into their striking, bejewelled symmetry.

Yellow Gold (18ct)
63.43 g
White Diamonds
22.32 cts
7.36 cts
Fancy Sapphires
1.48 ct
2.41 cts