Sybarite's timeless designs brings to life a magical world which we only usually find in our dreams. Every possible fantasy imagined is realised in the most beautiful, unique and innovative way possible.

Attention to detail is everything


With limitless passion and attention to detail, each piece is a fragment of a story, told in a way that is magical and extraordinary, inviting you to discover hidden details.


Complex yet playful design


Each beautifully crafted piece of Sybarite Jewellery tells a unique story, inviting you to discover our hidden secrets and express your true character. A fusion of Artistry and Engineering our unique pieces will bring you endless joy, discovering something new each time.



Beautifully Engineered Craftsmanship


Beyond the craftsmanship itself, Sybarite pushes boundaries of balance and proportion to that of an architects mind, This way of thinking coupled with the technical expertise, gives birth to beautifully engineered pieces with complex settings, unusual balancing acts, hidden details and immense precision.

Margarita Prykhodko
Founder & Designer

With a background in architecture, a passion for fine art and appreciation for beautifully crafted jewellery, from a young age Margarita would always customise or adapt jewellery that she bought or was given intent on injecting soul and emotion into her jewellery.

The creative force behind Sybarite Jewellery, Margarita draws on inspiration from her life, her vision of jewellery is to bring out the part of you that searches for perfection and individuality, soft, sensitive, poetic, and resonant with faint echoes of past grandeur.  A fusion of Artistry and Engineering. Margarita is uncompromising in her devotion to technical perfection. Her inventive spirit drives her into a constant search for making impossible =possible.

"The fundamental purpose of Jewellery lies in its spiritual and emotional content "

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