Keep your precious pieces perfectly sparkling by following these simple instructions:

  • It is important! Do not expose your MASTERPIECE KINETIC COLLECTION or LIMITED EDITION KINETIC jewellery piece to any water (fresh, chlorinated or salty)
  • The best method to store Sybarite jewellery, pieces are by keeping them straight in a box to avoid their thread from breaking.
  • To protect your jewellery pieces from any blemishes, avoid scratching them against solid surfaces.
  • For the ultimate shine, take off your jewellery pieces whenever you’re about to start any housework or take a shower.
  • For an entire jewellery surface, do not put your jewellery pieces in direct contact with any chemicals such as cleansers, perfumes, hairsprays, etc.
  • For a long-lasting shine to our “Masterpiece” collection, be sure to take them off before you dip into any water, pools or beaches.
  • Remember, the best way to avoid oxidation is to wear your pieces of jewellery rather than store them for a long time.
  • When you’re about to store your jewellery pieces, wrap them in a cotton cloth and put them in their box, this will keep the pieces in their most beautiful form.