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Feel the world revolve around you, join the hedonistic realm of Sybarite Jewellery


Objects d’Art beyond compare. Each Sybarite Masterpiece is the only one of its kind.


Limited Edition

When something is finite, you appreciate how precious it really is.


Fine jewellery

At Sybarite, we go to exceptional lengths to create jewellery that is beguiling, romantic and an enduring joy to own.


The National
of Jewellers

The NAJ is the UK’s leading jewellery trade association. Every NAJ member abides by the NAJ’s Code of Conduct, based on honesty, integrity and professionalism.

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Our philosophy

Sybarite Jewellery creates limited edition collections and exclusive pieces for people who seek out the finest things in life.


Press & Celebrities

While we always offer a warm welcome to our valued customers at our Kensington showroom, we also display our jewellery at events and exhibitions.


Enter the hedonistic realm of Sybarite Jewellery

Sybarite Jewellery: exquisite craftsmanship and distinctive, contemporary designs that redefine beauty.

Each piece is made with unparalleled precision. Our attention to detail is rooted in our company’s philosophy. Every element - from the diminutive settings for each meticulously selected and cut diamond, to the complex mechanisms behind our legendary kinetic masterpieces - must be perfect.

Our pursuit of perfection is driven by our desire to create flawless, beautiful jewellery that inspires the mind, delights the eye and dazzles the senses.

We recognise that our customers are among the most discerning in the world. They seek the most impeccable gemstones and the finest precious metals, together with the technical skill and creative vision to alchemise them into something unlike any other.

Sybarite combines accomplished artistry with a unique ability to capture the spellbinding beauty of nature - reimagined as a breath-taking objects that will last forever.